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  • University Credits and Certificate (included)

    1 credit and a TESOL Certificate of Completion from YWAM’s University of the Nations (UofN) is given upon successful completion of each module. (All fees are included in the price of the course.)

  • Add a Professional Certificate (fee required)

    Graduates from Modules 1-4 and the Teaching Portfolio Module can also apply for an internationally recognized professional certificate for an additional fee of $200. (Note: This third-party fee is subject to change and includes an additional assessment process.)

  • Upgrade from Starter to Ministry Skills

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  • Ministry Skills Bundle

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  • Professional Bundle

    Get 7 Modules for 20% OFF ($1000 Value)



We have organized our course’s modules into several different bundle options that you can choose from:

  • Starter Bundle

    The STARTER BUNDLE gives you the first two modules for $200, and then you can pay $200 for each module after that. This is the cheapest entry point for the course. Choose this option if it's the best fit for you! (INCLUDES 2 MODULES)

  • Ministry Skills Bundle

    The MINISTRY SKILLS BUNDLE is a less intensive option geared for anyone wanting our core training and amazing resources without all of the extra assignments that come with our Professional Bundle. (INCLUDES 4 MODULES)

  • Professional Bundle

    The PROFESSIONAL BUNDLE has more content and features, and it rewards graduates with the option to receive an internationally recognized professional certificate. (INCLUDES 7 MODULES)

  • You can upgrade later to get more

    If desired, all of our bundles can lead to the same university credits and certificates. (Additional modules and fees may apply, contact us if you'd like a quote, or start the free Course Introduction module to learn more.)