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All training paths lead to an internationally recognized professional Certificate IV in TESOL from the Australian College of Career Development.

We don't want fees and finances to get in the way of your dreams. So we've made a way for you to reach the Professional Certificate no matter where you begin in the course.

1. The "All-in-One" Path

Get everything you need to become a professional English teacher in a single purchase by choosing the PROFESSIONAL BUNDLE. This option will give you access to all of the modules required to get your professional certificate.



2. The "Best-of-the-Best" Path

Are you looking for the best-of-the-best resources and training from this course but you're on a budget? Get the MINISTRY SKILLS BUNDLE. This will give you all of the foundational lessons related to learning and teaching, and it will also give you a wide collection of resources for teaching English as a ministry. If you decide later that you still want to pursue the Professional Certificate, then you can upgrade to the PROFESSIONAL BUNDLE and still pursue that path as well.


$480 + $320  — ($800 total)

3. The "Start-Small-and-Grow" Path

What is required to get the Professional Certificate?

To get your certificate, you will need to complete Modules 1-4 and the Teaching Portfolio module. At that point, you can apply for the Professional Certificate for an additional fee of $200. (This third-party fee is subject to change and includes an additional assessment process that we will guide you through from start to finish.) 

If you have more questions about how to get this internationally recognized certification, or you need financial assistance, then join one of our New Student Webinars that are happening every month — or reach out to us at: [email protected] 

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Upgrade to the Ministry Skills Bundle — $280


Upgrade to the Professional Bundle — $320



MODULE 1 | Intro to Learning — $200

This module consists of several lessons related to the topic of learning. Key lessons include: Classroom Values, Icebreaker Activities, Student Needs, Learning Styles, Proficiency Levels, Second Language Acquisition (SLA), Language and Culture (INCLUDES 1 MODULE)

MODULE 2 | Intro to Teaching and Lesson Planning — $200

This module features several lessons related to the topic of teaching. Key lessons include: Teaching Methods, Designing Quick-and-Easy Lesson Plans Using PPP, Using Lesson Plan Templates, and Creating Resources For Your Lesson Plans (INCLUDES 1 MODULE)

MODULE 3 | Teaching the Macro Skills — $200

This module features lessons and resources that focus on how to teach the four basic macro skills: Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing. We will also look at how to teach a number of micro skills: Pronunciation, Literacy, and Grammar. (INCLUDES 1 MODULE)

MODULE 4 | Advanced Teaching Techniques — $200

This module features several lessons that focus on more advanced teaching techniques. Key lessons include: Classroom Management, Error Correction, Designing and Conducting Tests, Adapting Course Books, and Using Authentic Resources (INCLUDES 1 MODULE)

MODULE 5 | Teaching English As Ministry — $200

This module gives you access to several resources you can use to teach English as a ministry: including our Fun Activities for Teaching English booklet, lesson ideas for teaching children, Discovery Bible Study resources for church planters, and our C&C Magazine curricula for teaching teens and adults. We will also look at how to create your own curriculum for your classes. (INCLUDES 1 MODULE)

Teaching Portfolio — Free Access

In this final module, you will create a portfolio with some of the lesson plans and resources you designed during the course. We will also guide you through the assessment process for receiving your Professional Certificate and finishing the course! (INCLUDES 1 MODULE)

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This process is fairly intuitive and our website should guide you through each step (see below if you need step-by-step instructions). When you make a payment on our website, a few things will happen automatically: 1) Paypal will direct those funds to YWAM Montana, 2) you will receive a receipt of your payment by email, and 3) you will be given full access to any modules that you purchased. 

We recommend paying for your course in one of the ways that we've described here on this page. However, if you need an alternative way to pay for the course then reach out to us ([email protected]), or follow up with YWAM Montana's accounting office for details about your payment ([email protected]).

Here are the steps for using our website's payment process:

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